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I am ambitious, curious, enthusiastic, & a possibility thinker. I believe that collaboration is important and valuable. Some of the greatest ideas come out of curiosity.

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I'm a Brand Designer, Visual Designer, and Creative Director. I’m grateful for the 15+ years of experience I’ve had helping purpose-driven brands maximize their full potential. I add value to teams and organizations by being a thoughtful mentor, leader, and skilled designer. I guide the creation of things that don’t exist yet through an agile and thoughtful creative process with end products that achieve results. I’m skilled at organizing, solving problems, and uncovering all the potential.

I value collaboration, always seeking to find and bring out the best in people. I’m driven by learning new skills, perfecting long-held skills, and helping others do the same.

I believe that at the start of any creative process questions and curiosity are a valuable guide, and the notion that “I don’t know yet” is important. This approach has enabled me and the teams I work with to find creative and effective solutions. My work seeks to maximize potential, to combine the visual and verbal into a cohesive sum.

Let's create something great together!

My process is guided by these core principles.

Questions about Questions

I think before you arrive at answers you ought to ask questions. There’s no better way to uncover what you don’t know than by asking questions, and there is always something you don’t know.

A Brand is
Always Evolving

Branding is never done. It’s a conversation. In conversation, we react, we improvise, and we discover things. The same is true for brands.

Collaboration is
the Best

Collaboration allows us to be open to other people’s ideas. To build on them to be inspired by them, and to open us to ideas we may not have thought of from our perspective alone.

Brands I've collaborated with:

Whole Foods
Sun Run
The School of Life

And they’ve said some amazing things about my work.

Client Testimonials

"Dylan has such a gift for inspiring teams toward amazing solutions, as he fits so well into a good number of creative disciplines. He is steadfast in his drive towards the best solutions no matter the size of the task while keeping the final result and deadline in place."
- Greg Munson, Mission Control Media
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