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Hi, I’m Dylan and I photograph wedding day love stories.

No other day can be quite as interesting and rich with story as your wedding day - so much happens between you and your friends and family. It’s a fascinating look at what makes us human, what is important to us, and what we will remember and cherish.

I see photographing a wedding almost like filming a movie in still frames. It’s not about a single candid or portrait, it’s the collection and relationship of all the photographs together.

I take consistent aim to photograph your wedding day as it happened, true to life, real and honest. I want to photograph the moments of connection that pass us by, the things we wish to cherish and remember. I want to photograph the things that happen once.


My Approach

Your wedding day is significant, from the big moments to the moments in between. It's often in those moments in between, the things that happen once, where we find unexpected beauty. 



There are times during the day for me to be directive and more hands-on, but the majority of my work is spent carefully observing and documenting. By letting things genuinely unfold, I can capture less self-conscious subjects, resulting in more natural pictures -- like the moment right before you walk down the aisle, the excitement of seeing a friend you hoped would make it to your wedding, or watching a loved one give a speech.


Great portraits are timeless, they document and preserve. I want you to look and feel your best, it’s your wedding day and you deserve it. Your portrait session should be an enjoyable experience. It’s a great time to slow down and focus on each other. I work with both of you to artfully capture your excitement and love for each other on your big day.

Pictures with your family and friends are treated with the same amount of attention. Many of my couples are concerned with not keeping their guests waiting too long during the reception. I scout all my locations thoroughly beforehand so that these sessions can happen many times in under 20 minutes.

My Goal is for you to have a great time.

I’m not only there to photograph your wedding story, I’m also there to facilitate a wonderful experience. We're gonna be kickin' it all day together so let's make it great and have a nice time!


Your wedding day experience often hinges upon a well-planned schedule. Wedding days rarely happen on time, and that's ok, but a well-thought-out timeline helps to keep everything moving smoothly without you having to stress over it. I start this process well before your wedding day to find a timeline that works for both of you and matches your vision of how you see your day unfolding leaving you to relax and just have a good time.

Did you read all that?! No way. That's super kind of you, I like you already. 


Love stories are the best. We all love 'em.
What's yours?

Let's Talk!

I look forward to hearing from you! Get in touch to get pricing and availability.  

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