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Hello I’m Dylan and I Photograph Wedding Stories

I am interested in telling stories and no other day can be quite as interesting and rich with story as your wedding day. So much happens between you and your friends and family on your wedding day. It’s a fascinating look at what makes us human, what is important to us and what we will remember and cherish.

I see photographing a wedding almost like filming a movie in still frames. It’s not about a single candid or portrait photograph, it’s the collective experience of all the photographs.

You are unique and so is your wedding story. I take consistent aim to photograph your wedding with a point of view. Photographs are not often how it happened but rather how you remembered it.


Everything that happens on your wedding day is significant. From the big moments to the moments in between. Right before you walk down the aisle, the excitement of seeing a friend you hoped would make it to your wedding or watching a loved one give a speech. There are times during the day for me to be directive and assertive but the majority of my work during the day is spent carefully observing and documenting. By letting things unfold genuinely I can capture less self aware subjects resulting in more natural pictures.


Great portraits are timeless, they documents and preserve. I want you to look and feel your best, it’s your wedding day and you deserve it. Your portrait session should be an enjoyable experience. It’s a great time to slow down and focus on each other. I work with both of you to artfully capture your excitement and love for each other on your big day.

Pictures with your family and friends are treated with the same amount of attention. Many of my couples are concerned not keeping their guests waiting too long during the reception. I scout all my locations throughly before hand so that these sessions can happen in many times under 20 minutes.

The Timeless Look of Film

I’m all for innovation and progress, I’m not one for trends. Trends come and go but the look of your wedding photographs shouldn’t.

I have a film based approach. I work with film to create a classic timeless look. It has a tangible, classic look that is unmistakable. Working with film cameras can be relaxing for both you and me. They take time to load and shoot enabling time for personal connection. Along with film, digital also has a place, each a tool and a means to a beautiful end with film being at the center of my approach.

Have a Great Time

I’m not only there to photograph your wedding story, I’m also there to facilitate a great experience. A great wedding day experience often hinges upon a great schedule. I start this process well before your wedding day to find a timeline that works for both of you and matches your vision of how you see your day unfolding leaving you to relax and just have a great time.



Kind Wordsunderline


“Of all the vendors that are hired for a wedding, the food will be eaten, the flowers will wilt, the music will be turned off, but the pictures are forever. And I am so happy with the pictures that my daughter will have forever.”

-Mary (mother of the bride)


“We were fortunate enough to have Dylan photograph our wedding this past October in the Marin Headlands. One of our best wedding decisions! Photos turned out spectacular (no surprise from even a quick look at his work), he was incredibly responsive and helpful in planning for the event, and was a joy to work with on the day of the event. If we did it all over again, we’d probably invite him as guest. Thanks again!”



“After interviewing many photographers, we couldn’t be happier that we chose to work with Dylan. We couldn’t be happier with the creativity, professionalism and pure genius with every choice he made so we can re-live our day for many years to come. ”



“Dylan was one of the better decisions we made. In addition to being a VERY talented photographer, he managed to actually reduce our wedding day stress by being the proverbial calm in the storm. He managed to be everywhere without ever being in the way. If you are reading this and still looking for a photographer – stop and email him, it will be one of the smartest things you do in the whole planning process.”



“Dylan John Western is best photographers out there. He made us feel relaxed during the posed shots and seemed invisible during the candids. He captured all the great moments and tiny details. Our photographs are incredible and everyone who has seen them has been blown away. He is truly an artists and we were so lucky to have him document our big day.”



“Many words of praise describe Dylan’s photography skills as charming, sentimental, a keen observer, delightful, and nostalgic. The images our there for us to recall this day we will treasure. No words are enough to say thank you for a stunning capture of Ashley and Dara’s wedding day.”

-Marci (mother of the bride)

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